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Progress Report

I have been using a new process (for me anyway). It is one used frequently by the masters. You lay down a grisaille under painting and then glaze over it. I just finished one of old boots that turned out pretty well. This is the finished work.

I started a new one in a similar fashion. I chose a jazz/saxophonist as the subject matter and I hope to have him emerge from the darkness. I imagine him in a dark, smokey lounge belting out the tunes of the day.
I started by covering the entire 18x24 canvas in several coats of dark purple. I then sketched out the subject using a white pastel pencil.

 I then covered the background with a thin glaze of Prussian blue.

With a mixture of dark purple and titanium white I began to create a two-tone under painting.

More progress has been made on the under painting.

Pardon the variation in colors, I have been taking the photos in the closet without the flash. The dark background makes it tough to get a good read taking the photo outside or under fluores…

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