"Withlachoochee Heron" 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 18 inches

"Withlacoochee Heron"” is an original, signed acrylic painting on a gallery-wrapped canvas by Citrus County Florida artist Michael Arnold.

Withlacoochee Heron was painted in  the style of the impressionists with loose lines that allow the eye to fill in the blurred areas. This painting was not done in plein aire like the impressionists but I did visit
the spot and take multiple photographs.  

The Withlacoochee River originates in central Florida's Green Swamp, east of Polk City. It flows west, then north, and then turns northwest and finally west again before it empties into the Gulf of Mexico near Yankeetown. The river is 86 miles  long and has a drainage basin of 1,170 square miles. "Withlacoochee" probably stems from a Muskhogean dialect. It is compounded of Creek we (water) thlako (big), and chee (little), or little big water. This word combination signifies little river in the Creek language, and as we-lako or wethlako may also refer to a lake, it may signify a river of lakes, or lake river.

The area seen in the painting is near Dunnellon and was viewed while I was walking  on the Rails to Trails.
This original acrylic painting is on a quality gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with no staples showing. The acrylic painting is ready to be hung and can be displayed with or without a frame.

Each Michael Arnold acrylic painting is an original one of a kind signed piece of art and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The painting is delivered on a stretched canvas.

The "Withlacoochee Heron"" acrylic impressionist landscape painting by award winning Citrus County Florida artist Michael Arnold makes a bold statement on any wall where it is displayed.

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